About Yada

Yada is the founder and CEO of The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation LLC. As a renowned herbalist, Yada spends his time traveling to different countries to study plants with healing properties and uses his findings to detox and holistically heal individuals on their path to True Health. Utilizing his knowledge and wisdom, Yada prides himself on creating a business culture of empathy and understanding of others, which establishes him as a beacon for those who value community and compassion. Some of his greatest accomplishments consist of detoxing his beloved parents and helping to birth his son into the world with his beautiful wife. Yada is also the founder of a stunning and abundant detox village located in Ecuador, as well as a serene mountain, which is the site for an upcoming luxury detox resort. Because Yada’s work aligns with his lifestyle, he remains a father and brother figure to many even outside of his business. He teaches, uplifts, and elevates constantly and uses his platform to speak life into his family and various communities around the world.