Apple of Eve (16Oz)

Apple of Eve (16Oz)

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Now available-The Apple of Eve, uniquely crafted with the most powerful alkaline herbal blends, also known as the superfood of superfoods. Yada had traveled the world internationally for each potent ingredient, formulating the perfect combination for the ultimate liquid supplement. This product has been purchased globally, because it is known for its powerful effects on the body. While it is intended on rejuvenating every cell in the body, it also is intended to help to eliminate toxins. During the rejuvenation phase , the apple of eve is intended to provide the body with not only the minerals, but also the plant enzymes required to help the mineral absorption inside of the blood stream. The biochemical response and process stimulated by the our liquid supplement is truly one of its kind, and is one of the greatest tools in aiding the immune system, especially in these times. With ingredients from all over the world, harvested in its purest form, every household should have this product. 
INSTRUCTIONS: Place in fridge 24 hours before use. Keep refrigerated. Take one tablespoon 3 times a day AM- LUNCH-EVENING (For children who are consuming solids only) 
SHAKE WELL: Take one tablespoon an hour before AM-LUNCH-EVENING servings.
Quantity: 16Oz
Shipping takes 7-14 business days, NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS.

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Daniel Perez

Apple of Eve (16Oz)

Apple of Eve

I would like to give a comparison review. I started using AOF last year and what I noticed was the first batch was very potent(I liked that) but the second batch was not as strong. First batch 2021, noticeably cleared up nicely, 2.Bowels- I immediately started getting rid of excess waste so much so, I started saying why am I going to the bathroom so much, and then I recalled I was taking the AOF, 3. Skin on fingers looked noticeably different, due to dry skin my fingers tend to look wrinkled and old to me, but when I was taking AOF, my fingers looked less wrinkled and rejuvenated, I know because this is something I pay attention to.4. Orgasm OMG, this was the kicker. I can recall this night as clear as day :) I was being pleasured and the orgasm was so intense, it shot out and would not stop, so much to the point he had to lift his head, we both laughed hysterically. I was like ok, I heard of this happening. This is all with the first bottle. 2nd bottle 2021, 1. Skin was still noticeably clear. 2. Bowel moment didn't happen as quickly and was not in excess as the first bottle. 3. fingers still looked rejuvenated. Orgasms- not as powerful and forceful as the first bottle, but increased arousal was definitely there.
2022-Missed the first batch so I cannot give a review there but I will wait for the next release to do another comparison. 2 batch for 2022 gave pretty much the same results as the second batch for 2021. I will say, I have seen consistency with the noticeable changes to my skin! I love you both, keep doing what you're doing and I will continue to support the movement for better health and better families that break generational curses!!

Alyssa Wesley
Great Product

I looooooove AOE..ot helps me with with energy,digestive system,my skin is the bommmmb and my mental is sharp. Helps my confidence and keeps me inspired. I next time I'm getting 2-3 bottles. Blessing in a bottle

Homer Hoskins

This product helped me tremendously!! We are waiting on the next shipment

Leah Liggins

Apple of Eve (16Oz)